About the Practitioner

Lisa Clayton

Business owner- RABBITS FOOT Wellness 2012

LMT Licensed Massage Therapist 2009

Heritage College-Denver, Colorado 2009 - 96.8 GPA

Associates of Occupational Studies in Therapeutic Massage 1220 hours completed

SMR  Self -Myofascial  Release Sports Medicine Certified 2012


 Lisa Clayton, Owner of RABBITS FOOT Wellness, Licensed Massage Therapist/Body worker and CrossFit athlete.

 My career as a therapist/body worker has become so rewarding. By helping others in their time of need. With my assistance clients use therapeutic massage to decreases their discomfort level, and increases the muscles range of motion.  

As an athlete I know how important it is to feel accomplished, to meet your fitness/training goals.

I work directly with athletes who experience injury or discomfort.  My goal as a therapist is to get athletes back to their sport in a rapid amount of time. 


My specialty is Neuromuscular, deep tissue massage.  I incorporate muscle energy technique (MET) along with active release techniques (ART), post isometric relaxation (PIR.) IASTM. Also, educating my clients about their muscles and, encouraging proper body mechanics.

Injury prevention and rehabilitation is my focus and goal for my clients.

 I have been extremely successful in achieving desired results.   

Please take a moment to read the testimonials from satisfied clients.  Thank you.

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